Signed Books

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Listed below are consignments currently available through Book Carnival. Many of the books, but not all, are signed. Condition of the books range from very good to near fine or fine. Every attempt will be made to update these lists as items are sold, but there is no guarantee offered that any particular book will still be available at the time of inquiry. For specific information as to price, condition, etc., please email to indicating which consignment/book you are interested in. No telephone calls please.


  • Other consignment lists are being revised and will return at a future date


We have the following signed books available:

[add_to_cart id=”4944″ style=””Goldberg, Lee: Lost Hills
[add_to_cart id=”4989″ style=””Hauty, Chris: Deep State
[add_to_cart id=”4945″ style=””Petrie, Nick: The Wild One
[add_to_cart id=”” style=””Quartey, Kwei: The Missing American
[add_to_cart id=”4946″ style=””Perry, Thomas: A Small Town
[add_to_cart id=”5070″ style=””Perry, Jo: Everything Happens
[add_to_cart id=”4802″ style=””Meyer, Nicholas: The Adventures of the Peculiar Protocols
[add_to_cart id=”4775″ style=””Viskic, Emma: Resurrection Bay
[add_to_cart id=”4777″ style=””Gott, Robert: The Holiday Murders
[add_to_cart id=”4979″ style=””Gentill, Sulari: A Few Right Thinking Men
[add_to_cart id=”” style=””Serong, Jock: Preservation
[add_to_cart id=”4969″ style=””Charnes, Lance: Chasing Clay
[add_to_cart id=”4970″ style=””Niemann, Michael: No Right Way
[add_to_cart id=”4710″ style=””Connelly, Michael: The Night Fire
[add_to_cart id=”4950″ style=””Demille, Nelson: The Deserter
[add_to_cart id=”4951″ style=””Connolly, John: A Book of Bones
[add_to_cart id=”4871″ style=””Baldacci, David: Minute To Midnight
[add_to_cart id=”4556″ style=””Kreuger, William Kent: This Tender Land
[add_to_cart id=”4832″ style=””Kinberg, Margot: Downfall
[add_to_cart id=”4866″ style=””Thompson, David R.: The Blonde With the Ice Blue Eyes
[add_to_cart id=”4831″ style=””Cleeland, Anne: Murder In The Blood
[add_to_cart id=”4808″ style=””Billheimer, John: Primary Target & Hitchcock & The Censors
[add_to_cart id=”4836″ style=””Lyle, D. P.: Skin In The Game
[add_to_cart id=”4839″ style=””Easley, Warren: No Way To Die
[add_to_cart id=”4954″ style=””Limon, Martin: G. I. Confidential
[add_to_cart id=”4723″ style=””Hirahara, Naomi: Iced In Paradise

…and many more! Be sure to contact us for the book you’re looking for–we may have it in stock.